Adaptive Equipment In The Bathroom

Adaptive Equipment In The Bathroom

July 31, 2015

Aging In Place requires some upgrades and specific equipment. Check out the latest here!

Adaptive Bathroom Equipment

Aging in place can be difficult as your daily tasks can dramatically change. There are several different products that can be purchased, including remodeling pieces offered by Re-Bath, that make bathing and hygiene while aging safer and more efficient. Let's take a look at the wide array of equipment and options that can make your life just a little bit easier!

Toothpaste Dispensers:

Toothpaste dispensers can help with visual impairments or limited hand movements. One button provides a specific amount of toothpaste for your brush and even eliminates the wasting of toothpaste. These use to be very expensive but have dropped in price dramatically with online providers. 

Soap/Shampoo Dispensers: 

Much like the toothpaste dispensers, these release a specific amount of soap or shampoo with the press of a button. These are great for limited hand movements and even visual impairments. These can be mounted on the shower wall surrounds or placed somewhere on a ledge. These are used very frequently in places like gyms and provide a great way to bathe while aging.

Long Handled Sponges:

Long handled sponges can help reach difficult areas when you have limited movement and flexibility. These are much like shoe horns in respect to making tasks that require some amount of flexibility easier for an aging population.

Tub Seats or Built-In Shower Chairs:

There are several different variations of shower and tub chairs and several different price points. Some are simply placed into a tub and don't effect the process of getting into a tub while others are mounted onto the shower wall. The mounted options are much safer and can even come in stylish options like wood finishes.

Shower Benches:

Re-Bath has both custom shower benches as well as built in shower bench bases. These are directly built into your shower structure so they are the safest and most structurally sound seating option you can choose.

Walk-In Tubs and Walk-In Showers:

Walk-in tubs are still a newer technology that people are beginning to be acustomed to. These tubs are smaller with a low lip to walk into as well as a door that seals shut. They can be filled with water and have massage therapy jets as well. This is the single BEST option for aging in place. Walk-In showers are usually used for transitional purposes at an age that can still manuever well but don't want to deal with the large sides that tubs provide. Stepping and slipping over a tub can cause horrible accidents and walk-in showers have minimal edges and can even be built to have none at all. Walk-in showers are often used for wheelchair bound peoples as well, with a no-lip shower base for ease of entry.

Aging in place and adaptive equipment is becoming very important as a generational necessity. New technology is consistently brought into the market place and Re-Bath is often ahead of the curve. If you're looking to upgrade your bathroom to be safer then give us a call!