Bathroom Remodeling Trends 2015

Bathroom Remodeling Trends 2015

June 18, 2015

Wondering what the hottest trends are for 2015? Check Here!

Hot Design Trends for Bathroom Remodels 2015

If you've been thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover but aren't sure where to start, then check out these new trends and designs. These ideas come from four different award winning designers.

  • Floor Focal Point - Jasmine McClelland Design says that focal floors were popular in 2014 and carrying in hot into 2015. For bathrooms that don't have an exact wall that would work for a focal wall, a focal floor is perfect. They can add beauty and style without taking up space in the bathroom, which works perfectly for 1/2 bath's and smaller bathrooms.
  • Upgraded Fixtures - Several of the hottest and newest bathrooms are utilizing the newest technology in bathroom remodels. From temperature controlled shower heads to LED colored water signifying the temperature, fixtures are becoming high-tech and are perfect for not only function and looks, but great for re-sale as millenials grow old.
  • Freestanding Bathtubs - As several people are taking out tubs for showers for safety, several people with larger bathrooms are installing freestanding bathtubs. The aesthetics of a tub are greatly related to the curvature of the tub. It can add a softness or sharpness to the bathroom.
  • Lighting - Gone are the days of boring over head lights in a bathroom. The newest trend for bathrooms are to class up the area with pendant lighting or even chandeliers. Some other ideas are motion sensored lighting that light up the vanity when walked by. Be creative and trendy but remember this is the most used room in the house, don't go overboard!

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