Full Bath Remodeling in Bloomington, IL

Full Bath Remodeling in Bloomington, IL

September 11, 2015

Looking for a COMPLETE bathroom remodel in Bloomington, IL? Re-Bath can help!

Full bath remodel Bloomington, IL

Usually a full bathroom remodel can be a daunting task. There's a new tub, shower walls, fixtures, flooring, vanities, stool's and even more depending on the type of bathroom and size it is. Finding contractors that can do all of these things together at the same time is near impossible. Maybe the flooring guy is available but the shower guy isn't. Maybe you've found someone to install your walk-in shower but it's going to take TWO weeks to do and you only have one bathroom in the house. That's where Re-Bath of Illinois steps in. We are a complete one stop shop for your bathroom remodeling needs. We can do literally anything you need within the 4 walls of your bathroom including turning extra space into an extra bathroom. Does your home have 1 bathroom and the resale value is diminishing because of it? No worries, we can help turn extra room into a half bath to up that property value. 

Not only can we do all of these things at once, but we have minimal installation time. Large jobs like full bath remodels in Bloomington, IL take anywhere from 3-5 days depending on how complex the situation. Don't wait for weeks to have your bathroom working again, give us a call and we can be in and out in less than one. Our installers are also top notch. We consistently receive booming reviews that praise our installers and the beautiful job they've done. The reason this happens so often is because we value your property like it was our own. We set down tarps to keep your carpet or flooring clean, make sure to take our shoes off, and clean up any and all mess after installation. 

Lastly, if you're afraid of the costs of having your entire bathroom remodeling we offer free estimates! Maybe you aren't able to fully remodel your bathroom currently because of your budget, but you could afford to have a new shower put in and deal with the flooring and new vanity later. We're here to help you through the process and guide you with information to receive that dream bathroom you've always wanted. Give us a call today and let us guide you through your dream bathroom remodel!