Increase Bathroom Storage

Increase Bathroom Storage

June 09, 2015

Need more space or more room to fit things? Here's some ideas for bathroom storage!

Bathroom Storage & Remodel IL

Bathroom storage is incredibly important for every day use and is a crucial aspect when thinking of remodeling. Storage is great to have in the bathroom so you don't have to place all of your needed bathroom items elsewhere in the home. On top of this, the biggest way to make your bathroom look instantly cluttered is by having a lack of storage. With proper storage space you are able to keep your items stashed and hidden from plain view as well as give you an opportunity to place accessories to create an inviting space.  Here are several options for increasing bathroom storage for small and large bathrooms alike!

  • Open shelving is pretty common in the smaller bathrooms. This includes shelves, corner shelves, and even a drawer system. Use baskets that match the color scheme of your bathroom to hide some of the less appealing toiletries and small trays to display common items like soap, cologne, etc.
  • Bathroom cabinets are great for a larger bathroom and can be built into a new bathroom if you're remodeling. These can also be open shelving with baskets for easy storage, but can also include a spot for extra towels and more!
  • Add wardrobes. These can hold towels, toiletries, toilet paper, anything and everything including a spot to place your outfit or clothing for the next day.
  • Use the space under your sink. Not only can you use this space wisely, there are several solutions for putting racks and shelving units on the inside of the doors. Use every space possible!