Repairing and Replacing Grout

Repairing and Replacing Grout

July 14, 2015

Have cracking or stained grout in your bathroom? Here are a few tips for replacing grout.

Grout can be very problematic over time as it is porous and can be a breeding zone for mold.  Our wall surrounds do not use grout so they are easy to clean and will not require constant wiping down of water and are significantly less likely to grow mold.  That being said, not everyone has a Re-Bath bathroom! Here are a few tips to replacing grout in your tiled bathroom.  

Match Grout Colors:

Not only do you have to match past grout color but also the grout type. Having inconsistent grout types and colors will make your bathroom look incomplete and messy. You can get a sample chart from most home improvement stores. We prefer Home Depot as we are the trusted bathroom remodeling contractor of Home Depot. Keep in mind, grout will become darker as it is wet, so the powder is the best representation you can find. More water added to grout powder will makesit lighter, and less water to the powder will make the finished product darker. 

Grout is available in four different types: sanded, unsanded, acrylic latex and epoxy. The correct grout is determined by the width of tile joints and where the tile is located. This is incredibly important to be able to produce a solid uniform looking grout line. If you're tired of having to constantly clean grout and the heavy maintenance that tile presents, give us a call! We have several high end tile looking wall surrounds that require much less maintenance. Check out our natural stone pictures!