Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Re-Bath

Here are some of the common questions we get about the products and services we offer.  If you don't find the answers to the questions you have, please contact us for more information.

What is a Re-Bath Bathtub Liner?

The Re-Bath Bathtub Liner is a new bathtub manufactured from a beautiful high-impact and stain resistant solid surface polymer that is custom formed to fit over your existing bathtub.

Do you recommend reglazing a bathtub?

We do not recommend reglazing or repainting a bathtub because repeat applications are needed every one to three years due to cracking, peeling and discoloring.

Is a Re-Bath System easy to clean and maintain?  What do I use to clean it?

Re-Bath products are non-porous so they are easy to clean.  Many of the approved cleaning products can be found at your local grocery or home supply store.

Does Re-Bath replace bathtubs for seniors?

Yes!  Re-Bath of Illinois has several Aging In-Place Specialists (CAPS) on staff to help you design the bathroom that works best for your needs.  These specialists have been trained in home modifications for the aging in-place population and can show you how to make walk-in tubs, tub-to-shower conversions or Safeway Step work for you.

What’s a walk tub?

Walk-in bathtubs allow you to open a door, step over a low threshold and enjoy the benefits of a tub as opposed to a shower.  With a walk-in tub you can get the benefits of water therapy, massaging jets or simply soaking comfortably.  There are many models, colors and features to choose from and the tubs can be incorporated to look like they belong in your bathroom, in the same space as your old tub without looking clinical or institutional.

What they're saying

“Was completed in good time. We had a water leak that was repaired quickly.”

Kenneth Fleeman

Washington, IL

What they're saying

“Good job -on time, clean, so far so good, excellent finish, above expectations.”

Bill Stoutenborough

Decatur, IL